Tiptoe Totes is a small, local brand whose aim is to reduce the use of single use plastic bags when buying fresh produce. We are currently expanding our range to include bread and dry goods bags, as well as shopping bags.

Our bags are hand cut, and with the help of a few elderly people in the community we have managed to create a product that is of good quality. We keep our costs as low as possible, but our main aim is to be kind to the environment.

We started out when noticing the large amounts of plastic in the ocean. We are based in Fish Hoek and so walks on the beach are common.

I also started noticing people double bagging fruits and veggies in the weighing section; particularly banana’s as the bags tore so easily. We sourced the strongest, lightest fabric we could find and approached some of the larger chain stores about 9 years ago. We had very little success and responses including that there was a security concern and the fact that people wouldn’t buy them because they could get bags for free. I tried to understand this and thought that maybe people weren’t ready for the product just then.

It went on the back burner for a while and then we started noticing how much more people were becoming aware of the huge plastic problem. The focus was definitely the flimsy bags used in the weighing section and I wanted this product out there.

We didn’t approach the big chain stores again, but rather smaller companies whose focus was going green and healthy lifestyles etc.

This was definitely the way to go and we are so chuffed that our product is doing so well and know that these bags really are making a difference to the environment.

Check out their Facebook page, here, for more information about them.

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