The Earth Faerie is an artisanal range of vegetarian-friendly, natural salves and tinctures. These remedies are inspired by my personal experiences with the vast properties if plants and my uneasiness with the pharmaceutical medicines I had been using and having negative side effects.

The Earth Faerie salves assist with the care of skin ailments and the tinctures cover a wide range of remedies including immune-boosters, analgesics as well as other stress and health related issues.

Due to my carbon-footprint consciousness and my aversion to pesticides and man-made chemicals, The Earth Faerie range contains only home-grown plants – nurtured either in my own garden or sourced from local suppliers – all of whom share my belief in natural remedies and the preservation of our earth. All containers used are recyclable.

The products are useful for home as well as travel. They fit easily into a handbag and make wonderful gifts all year round.

Salves are available in both plastic and glass 30 gram containers. Tinctures are available in 50ml bottles and are made with 43% alcohol.

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