Himalayan salt comes in a wide array of shades from white to deep red depending on the amount of iron oxide in the salt.

Himalayan Salt crystal is known to have over 84 different trace minerals and elements making it one of the healthiest edible salts. It has lower levels of sodium compared to ordinary table salt, which is ideal for people with higher blood pressure.

Himalayan salt lamps, salt blocks, candle holders and pink table salt.

Aside from being an edible, it can be used as a bath salt. Simply add it to you bubbly bath and feel all your muscles relax. If you are feeling extra luxurious, add a few drops of essential oils.

Himalayan salt crystal is also commonly carved into decorative lamps (in various shapes and sizes), that create the most beautiful and calming pink and orange glow. It is believed that Himalayan Salt Lamps have a menagerie of health benefits from assisting with allergies to improving sleep patterns.

If you want to create a really special meal for someone, we can recommend our Himalayan Salt Blocks for cooking. These are simply heated in the oven, on the stove or on your gas braai. Once heated you can cook anything from steak to fish. The minerals and flavours of the salt infuse into your food to give a exciting and tantilising taste.

There is a Himalayan salt product for everyone!

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan there is a gem, a crystal gem, commonly know as the Himalayan salt crystal. With its magnificent pink colour, these crystals provide the body with a multitude of health benefits as they contain around 84 different minerals and trace elements including iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Treat you body with this enriching salt to help revive and replenish your soul.