Buzzy Wraps were created with the desire to eliminate plastic cling wrap in an affordable, fun and easy to use way. They are very functional as they can be used to seal jars, fruit bowls, wrap sandwiches, veggies and fruit.

The idea of a sustainable replacement for plastic food wraps and zip lock bags has sparked many ideas and these beeswax wraps are at the forefront.

They are made of cotton sheets, blended and infused with beeswax, jojoba oils and natural food grade tree resins. It’s not big guess on how Buzzy Wraps got their name, but our proud South African honey bees provide the key ingredient which gives the wraps their antibacterial and self-clinging properties to provide a sustainable, affordable and fresh way to store your food.

Buzzy Wraps are available in various sizes suited and available in either single sheets or sets. They are rated to last you up to 12 months when washed and used as per manufacturer instructions.

They are easily stored when not in use, come in funky designs and make for a great presentation at picnics, ideal for lunchboxes and can be used in multiple ways.