What is the difference between Tights and Leggings?

There is a very thin line between tights and leggings. It is vital to know this in order to stay fashionably ahead.

What are tights?

According the to the Oxford Dictionary, tights are, “a woman’s close-fitting garment made of nylon or other knitted yarn, covering the legs, hips, and bottom.”

Tights are slightly thicker than stockings however are worn the same way and are also transparent. They are made of nylon or a cotton/ spandex blend. They cover the foot and sit waist high. Tights can be worn casually as well as professionally. Tights can be worn under shorts and dresses to give your outfit a bit of an edge. They generally come in more plain colours such as brown, black and navy. Although super tight, tights are ultra-comfy and act light a second skin.

What are leggings?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, leggings are, “tight-fitting stretch trousers, typically worn by women or girls.”

Leggings are footless and can be knee length or ankle length. They resemble pants and have a tight fit. Leggings come in a variety of colours and patterns. Leggings can be made from polyester/spandex or cotton/spandex. They are thicker than their tights counterpart.

When to wear tights?

Tights can be worn casually as well as professionally. Tights are worn under shorts, skirts and dresses. They are generally worn in autumn and winter to help keep you warm.

*TIP* Do not wear your tights as leggings, it can be socially inappropriate.

When to wear leggings?

Leggings are worn more casually and are generally worn all year round. They can be worn in a greater variety of instances compared to tights. Leggings can be worn both fashionably and for more active type activities. To create a statement, wear your leggings with long top and heals to create a statement. Most women tend to exercise in leggings. They are perfect for yoga, running, gym, hiking as well as rock climbing.

*TIP* Be sure to check your leggings aren’t see through before you pair them with a short top.


Leggings can be worn as pants. Tights cannot be worn as leggings. As stated by Blair Waldorf, “Tights are not pants!”

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