What is Biodegradable Glitter?

Since the creation of that sparkly, fascinating and relatively basic compound, its use and demand has increased dramatically in hundreds of creative ways.

The person who originally invented the fabulous glistening wonder of our world in 1934, is a man named Henry Ruschmann. This absolute legend of a man is a machinist from New Jersey who stumbled upon the invention unintentionally from processing scraps of plastic.

This however is not the first form of glitter, somewhere in history during prehistoric times the ancient Egyptians were already dazzling themselves by harvesting the shiny glitter like substances from beetles and a combination of malachite crystal shavings. Geological findings have also shown the Guatemala people painted their Mayan temples with various coloured glitters taken from fine mica crumbs.

As mesmerising and gazing it is to the eye, the environment thinks otherwise. Plastic glitter is made from a combination of aluminium, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride, which are all non-biodegradable and harmful to animals.

As evolution would have it, the creation of bio-degradable glitter was inevitable. Developed by Ronald Britton Ltd, a UK based company has certainly given all Glitter lovers a reason to rejoice the world over.

Bio-degradable glitter is manufactured from harvesting the cell walls of certain trees and plants, and one of the main source is of the Eucalyptus tree. Ronald Britton has been successful in developing farms to enrich local communities through these incredible and sustainable farming outlays.

The harvested cells are then processed and a reflective coating is applied to the sheets of cells. They are further able to replace the pigmented foil with naturally sourced resins that mean a 100% bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and compostable glitter.

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