How to Care for, and Wash your Tie Dye Clothing

I’m sure we all have an item of tie dye clothing in our cupboards. Unique items of clothing are hard to come by these days. Tie die gives you the opportunity to have just that- a piece of wearable art that will never be created the same way again.


Because of the hand made nature of these clothing items, they require a certain amount of maintenance and care in order to ensure the colours stay richer for longer. Below I will give you some tips and pointers on how to look after your tie dye apparel.

  1. BEFORE YOU WASH YOUR TIE DYE CLOTHING ENSURE YOU RINSE IT THOROUGHLY WITH CLEAN WATER. Start off by using cold water, then move onto warm water followed by hot water. (the hot water ensures that all the excess die has been removed from the clothing). Once the water run clear, dry your tie die clothing. After this step has been completed your can use a detergent to wash your item. I tend to use a Sunlight Laundry Bar to wash my Tie Dye as I find that it is a milder detergent compared to powders.
  2. When washing your tie dye item for the first time, we recommend washing the item by itself, with nothing else, as they dye tends to bleed out of the clothing and can ruin other newly dyed item.
  3. I hand wash my tie dye clothing in cold water as I want to ensure the colour is preserved for as long as possible however once your item has been rinsed properly, they say you can wash your clothing in a washing machine as usual.
  4. If you do decide to start machine washing your tie dye, be sure to hand wash it the first few times as the dye can still run and damage other clothing, especially white clothing items.
  5. Be sure, when washing your tie dye apparel not to rub/ ring it, but rather to scrunch it to get it clean. (This has a similar effect to how a washing machine would wash your clothing except gentler)
  6. Some recommend putting a handful of salt in your wash as this helps to set the colour of your clothing.

I hope that these tips and tricks help ensure the longevity of your tie dye clothing.

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