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5 psytrance festivals in South Africa you should not miss

Before we get into the top 5 list, it’s always good to know a little about the history of the topic.

Psytrance originated in Goa India during the 1960’s. It was born through the deep cultural and spiritual roots of the local Goa hippies. It’s thanks to Goa’s beautiful beaches, low cost of living, relaxed lifestyle, religious practices and friendly locals that brought together this phenomena of what we call Psytrance.

Psytrance is popular across the globe, however there are those countries where it is prolific to say the least. India, Israel, UK, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and of course, our one and only South Africa. The South African Psytrance scene is exponentially gaining momentum and becoming recognised as a destination for some of the largest psytrance festivals in the world.

Here is the list of our top 5 Psytrance festivals in South Africa.

In an unordered list, our 5 psytrance festivals that you should not miss out.

Vortex Open Source – Western Cape

The Western Cape is at the heart of the Psytrance community in South Africa. Locals travel from all parts of the country to the southernmost province for what is known as one of the largest and most attended to festivals of the year, Vortex Open Source. The 5 day psychedelic festival is held at the venue “The Circle of Dreams”, which is nestled in the forests of the Riviersonderend. Vortex Open Source takes place annually on the second weekend of December.

Origin Festival – Western Cape

Origin Festival, a cosmic gathering that features top international and local psytrance dj’s, takes place annually during the last weekend of January. Positioned amidst serene and lush green surroundings, the valley within the Elandskloof farm is home to what could be regarded as the most beautiful and colourful festival in South Africa. Escape reality and enter divinity.

Moksha – Gauteng

Moksha, which takes place in Gauteng at the end of August, and comes at the perfect time to celebrate the well awaited start of spring. It is one of Gauteng’s longest running and most attended festivals. The décor, the music and organisation comes together in the most encapsulating and astounding way possible.

Alien Safari – Western Cape

2019 will see the 24th year for Alien Safari and has to be on the top list of all psy festivals in the world. The festival takes place twice a year in 2 different locations. However the location of prime interest is Kogel Bay Resort near Gordons Bay. The resort is situated in a cove on the edge of the beach with the Kogelberg mountain range showing on the opposite view. Stick this one in your diary for the last weekend of every February.

Revolution – Gauteng

Quite possibly Gauteng’s largest psytrance gathering to celebrate the new year. Revolution takes place in the infamous Magaliesburg mountains which is only an hour out of Johannesburg. You can see all of Johannesburg’s finest artists at work over this 2 day fete.  A culmination of pure bliss that creates a magical New Years that you will rarely catch anywhere else.

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