Our Top 10 Festival Essentials

  1. Water

I’ve forgotten to pack water once and once only. Occasionally the event organisers may forget to mention that you can’t drink the tap water so ALWAYS bring your own. I would work on an average of 2 litres per day per person or maybe even more depending on how hard you are planning on jamming.

  1. Ice

There is nothing worse than a warm beer or drink when you want to refresh your taste buds. Ensure you stock up on enough ice for the weekend. We recommend getting the solid ice bricks and topping up your cooler box with water to make sure you drinks stay ice cold the whole weekend.

  1. Medical Kit

Most festivals have medics on site but there are a few essentials you need to have on you.

  • Panado – to sort out any aches, pains or hangovers.
  • Rehydrate – to ensure you electrolytes get replenished.
  • Plasters – in case you get a little sore or a blister
  • Mosquito Repellent – can’t get a good night sleep if you are being bitten by those blood hungry blood suckers.
  • Needle and tweezers – I have had my day ruined at a festival because of a tiny little thorn. It amazes me how something so small can cause so much pain and irritation. Having a needle and tweezers will ensure that those pesky little buggers won’t bother you for too long.
  1. Sun Protection

I love a good old day jam. Jamming in the sun with your mates, hopping in the pool to cool down. There is nothing better! The sun in South Africa, especially Johannesburg, is extremely harsh and we need to make sure we take care of our skin so that we can keep on keeping on. Remember to pack a high SPF sunblock (I recommend 30+), a hat, sunglasses and even an umbrella is a good idea too.

  1. On Body storage

I personally don’t like to keep much on me when I am at a festival. But my waist pack comes in handy to carry some much-needed essentials like lip ice, chewing gum, car keys, money and even your cell phone if you like having it on you. Shoulder bags, back packs and waist packs (fanny packs) are very handy especially because your arms are still free to move to the beat.

  1. Cash

Some festivals do offer cash withdrawal and card facilities however some of them are deep in the sticks and have poor reception. We recommend taking a bit of cash with you just in case you need to buy a drink, some food or you see some really radical attire you want.

  1. Warm Clothing

Never underestimate the power of the cold. It can creep in and cause your body to freeze to the point where you cannot be on that dance floor anymore. Rather over pack on the warm clothing (even in summer) than under pack. You will thank us later.

  1. Funky attire to wear

One of my most favourite things about a festival is that everyone can express themselves and be who they want to be without any judgement. If you want to be a fairy that weekend, go grab yourself the coolest fairy outfit yet! If you want to be the lumo alien that descends down onto the dance floor then check out our range of UV Reactive Clothing.

No matter who you want to be, you can be it.

  1. Blanket

Secure your chill spot around the dance floor by placing a blanket on your desired spot. Not only that, but it is wonderful to have a spot where you can have a rest from breaking it down but still be a part of the action.

  1. Ear Plugs

Some people battle to sleep when there is a lot of noise around them. Why not get yourself some ear plugs to soften the blow. You will have a good night’s rest and be ready to tear the dance floor apart another day.

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