Did you know? – The waste an average person generates

It’s great to see the world becoming more eco-friendly and environmentally conciseness. Why has it taken us so long as a society to latch onto the idea that we can work together and reduce our footprint on this beautiful planet of ours.

This is just the beginning of what we can all do to improve the impact our man made pollution has, it has far to go but the prevalent question that should be answered – Is it too late?

Possibly too difficult to answer, the focus should be on educating those that have little knowledge of what remediation’s and efforts are available. The fact of the matter comes down to what it costs to spread the knowledge and learning. First world countries such as Britain, France and Germany have already engaged in zero tolerance practices with plastic manufacturers as they adopt regulations and bans within these industries. As South Africa and other third world and developing regions are not near the income level that provides the relief for states to implement these ideas, we can slowly learn from our international brothers and work together to find solutions that will move mankind in the right direction.

Products produced from organic materials such as hemp, bamboo and hessian that are bio-degradable have now reached higher levels of demand globally. It’s great to see and this is just the beginning.

Think about the repercussions plastic and other waste has for the future of the world, your family and the generations to come.

We now stock bamboo straws, hemp bags, food wraps and will continue to get the latest bio-degradable products to promote a better and more environmentally friendly planet.

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